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Obama Sets Faster Troop Deployment to Afghanistan

 This article is about sending additional American troops to Afghanistan over the next six months, in an effort to reverse the momentum of Taliban gains and create urgency for the government in Kabul to match the American surge with one using its own forces. The American’s is bringing the total of nearly 100,000 troops by the end of May. Discussions focused on a deployment that would take a year, but Mr. Obama concluded that the situation required more sooner. The strategy aims to prevent AL Qaeda from returning to Afghanistan, with the help of Afghan units in an effort to end eight years of frustrating attempts to build them into an independent fighting force. This article strongly says that they want to knock the Taliban back, giving us time and space to build the Afghans up mainly in the security front but also in government and development as well.  The article is also asking our allies that have currently have nearly 40,000 troops in Afghanistan, but European and Canadian officials have said they doubt more troops Mr. Obama will get more than a few thousand more. Mr. Obama in his speech will give a time frame-something Mr. Bush did not do-for when the United States will start pulling the reinforcements out and begin turning over security responsibilities to Afghan forces one province at a time.

I think that this article is a great way for all the Americans families who have some relatives or kids in Afghanistan, because these new troops would create more stability in control of all the territory where the Taliban is located.  In the other hand those families that have kids in the military are worry that their kids would be deported to Afghanistan in the next few months.  As we know is been many Americans fatalities in the Afghanistan war, what Mr. Obama is trying to do as the best for our military people. Train the Afghan people buy giving back their power and responsibilities to the Afghan forces. Faster we train the security of Afghanistan the faster that we would move out of that country.



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