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Murdoch Says Web Aggregators Should Pay for Content


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NEWS CORP.  Rupert Murdoch is saying that online news aggregators must start paying to distribute his companys newspaper articles. His argument is that these news aggregators are helping themselves to articles that they did not make any kind of contribution to. They did nothing to aid in the production of the news.

Murdoch is planning to also talking about blocking Google Inc. from displaying its news articles to the public. Murdoch made comments that they may also charge people to access his company’s website and the articles that his company produces.

I believe that he has every right to do this. This man is the business of selling newspapers. His job and his livelyhood rely on his ability to sell papers. If people are just scanning the articles from his papers and displaing them online for everyone to access for free then no profit is being made. This man and the other members of the board for News Corp. are putting money into the production of these papers and other people are just taking what they put together and displaying free of charge. I believe that Murdoch should start charging people to access his articles.

Please let me know your opinion on the matter. Thank you.

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