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Merging Black Colleges: Discrimination or Not?

Plan To Merge Black Colleges Meets With Ire

This article is about the state of Mississippi and its plan to merge 3 historically black colleges in order to save money during these difficult economic times.  The main problem is that the state recently lost and settled a lawsuit that claimed that the state discriminated against these same colleges.  Since the proposal to merge the colleges comes only a few short years after the lawsuit was settled, many people believe that this move is a form of payback on the part of the state legislature.

The main ethical issue here is whether the merging of the black colleges is discrimination or simply a necessary budget cut.  While I understand the need to make cuts to balance budgets, I believe that there are many better solutions that merging the black colleges.  These colleges provide opportunities for minorities to get a good education that they might not have any other opportunity to get.  Also, I believe that the state is acting irresponsibly by proposing this merger shortly after settling a discrimination lawsuit about these same colleges.  If the state is so desperate to cut funds, then they should consider merging white colleges, where there us no concern about possible discrimination.

R. Brow 

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  1. icgreen
    December 1, 2009 at 7:13 pm

    I understand that discrimination would cross everyone’s mind. You have a very valid point and I agree with you; however, I disagree also. First off, like you said, they should be looking at more than just the black colleges when it comes to these budget cuts especially because of what has happened before with this state a few years earlier. Predominantly white colleges should also be considered if the problem is so serious. Why only cut back the blacks? Those colleges are historic. I reflect on the school in GA though, it wasn’t so bad when they merged Clark-Atlanta University into one. I believe it made the school stronger and more cohesive. All in all, one ethnicity should not be targeted for discrimination purposes.

  2. pjeffenb
    December 6, 2009 at 12:29 pm

    I think it is ok for the schools to merge if they are having economic problems. Discrimination should not be considered because they want to keep their tradition of being a historically black college

  3. twinpate
    December 7, 2009 at 2:48 pm

    I agree with the comment above, but if a person that is not black wants to attend a historically black college who is to deny them this right? There are plenty of colleges that might historically be viewed as white colleges but they can’t have the same view of preserving history because that would be viewed as racist. Seems like a paradox to me.

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