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failing journalists


In this article Rupert Murdoch is very angry that his company News Corp. as well as other publication places, are not getting the credit or money deserved because of sites like google. With google someone can just go right to a news article instead of buying a news paper cutting out the middle man completely. This is good for consumers and college students that need current events, however this is causing mass layoffs and less need for journalists everywhere. Murdoch discusses getting a fee for looking online at the articles. He also says he will block google from getting to his articles so that yo have to go directly to his websites that pay for the news service and pay due credit. This i don’t agree with because a company like google is just trying to make it easier for people to connect to websites whether they be pay sites or not. It is the companies fault to begin with that they decided to give out free news. Google just makes it easier for the people to find those free news websites. Also if these news companies decide to cut Google off and also charge people for what used to be free news, then I think they will lose a lot of business.

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  1. bolong32
    December 2, 2009 at 12:04 am

    I truely believe in capitalism and that everyone should get paid for what their work is worth. However, when it comes to the news, the internet is no difference than the television. News networks on tv do not charge the viewers a fee for every news clip that is aired on the channel. Why should internet websites chrage people for the news. I feel that if the newspapers do not want people viewing the information for free online then they should just leave their articles in a printed newspaper and not upload them. The newspapers are complaining about a pratice that they started and that they allow to continue.

  2. okazako1
    December 4, 2009 at 10:25 pm

    It is 21 century and information technology is well-developed by now. People rely on the Internet more then on newspapers. If newspapers will charge a fee for a viewing their articles online they will loose a lot of money. Today, people know that Internet is accessible at any time and at no charge. However, the minute people will have to pay a cent for a viewing information they simply will switch “paid” newspaper for “non paid”. I think, businesses should consider that. It is true lots of companies are not getting the credit or money deserved because of sites like google, but it is business. The business that involved in the Internet, that is percieved to be free.

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