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Divided Senate Plunges Into Health Care Debate

Divided Senate plunges into health care debate

The US President and Congress is trying to force government healthcare on the American public.  This is the United States of America, formed on the basis of democracy and personal freedom.  Although some things need to be socialist in nature, police and fire protection, healthcare is not one of them.  I do not have health insurance currently because quiet simply I am a broke college student who can not afford it.  I do not feel that the American Taxpayers should have to pay for it for me.  Also, I as an American Taxpayer do not feel obligated to pay for anyone else’s health insurance coverage.  The USA is currently in nearly 12 TRILLION Dollars of Debt.  Why does Congress want to add to that unnecessarily?  Eventually, creditors are going to want their money, leaving future generations to either pay off our current debt or to become a second world country because the US Dollar, once the benchmark of World Currency, become completely worthless.

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