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Commentary on’Merging Black Colleges; Discrimination or not?’

To slightly disagree with one of the statements made; The article does discuss a local white college merging with another white college as well.  So it seems as though the state is trying to save money all around not just merging ‘black’ colleges or ‘white’ colleges.

To bring up the discussion in class that we had today, what actually constitutes as a ‘black’ college today?  What constitutes someone to be white? What is the difference?

What makes a school considered to be a ‘black’ school and a ‘white’ school?  While I understand there is history behind these schools when segregation did exist, the last time I checked, it’s 2009 and segregation no longer exists.  So why is this college still considered a ‘black’ college and others in the area are considered ‘white’ colleges so to speak?  Correct me if I’m out of line here, but the issue here doesn’t seem to be merging of the colleges, I think the real issue should be, why are certain colleges still considered ‘white’ colleges and ‘black’ colleges?

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  1. jthomason16
    December 1, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    I agree with what you are saying. I have often asked myself the question “why are there still black and white colleges?” I mean we often see the institutions wich are known as all black institutions. But one thing i do not agree with is that their are “white” colleges. The only colleges ive seen with white people have had a similar number of black people attending as well. I mean it has been perfectly acceptable for their to be all black institutions but would it be considered racist by black people if their were “all white” institutions. This is just a question i am asking. I am in no way racist and am not partial to either side of the argument.

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