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Billboard Warrants

In Brown County the local sheriff’s office has devised a new way of trying to apprehend some wanted criminals.  They have recently posted arrest warrant ads on billboards. Brown County a billboard that is a little different from what you are probably used to, it displays ads with pictures of local criminals.  The billboard will display ten different criminals for the next two weeks.  The billboards were paid for by the Brown County Sheriff Foundation costing roughly $1,300.00.  Some of these criminals however are not all felony crimes .  The range of violations are from probation violation, assault and battery, and SPEEDING.  If you get caught speeding they might post your picture on the billboard.  This seemed a little odd.  I could understand if there were only felonies on the billboard but having your picture plastered on a public billboard for speeding seems outrageous.  I guess it is public knowledge and they are allowed to advertise that information if they choose.   

Just because its public knowledge it gives whoever the right to do with what they choose?  Who gets to decide who deserves the public scrutiny?  By the police force being in charge of these displays brings into question their balance of power.   The photos on the ads are of wanted criminals but what method is used to decide which criminal gets chosen.  The articles says that ten pictures will be shown in the following two weeks, so out of the many wanted criminals in Brown County which ten deserve to have the photo plaster all over the town? 

Maybe this town just has a low crime rate and speeding is at the top of the crime list. 


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  1. jthomason16
    December 1, 2009 at 8:59 pm

    Wow this is crazy. I mean i would completely understand having the “most wanted” felons in the state put up for the world to identify. But having your face blown up for everyone you know to see because you might have forgotten to pay a speeding ticked is rediculous. I mean i guess it will keep people from skipping out on court dates and ensure that people will pay their tickets but this seems a little overkill.

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