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Best Buy wants your electronic junk

This article is about Best Buy recycling program, a green reputation and a way to get customers into stores.  The traffic in electronics travels a two-way street. Junk goes in that can be sold if is separate and flat-screen TVs, netbooks, and other kind of electronics. Since March, when Best Buy began offering free recycling of gadgets and small, so far more than 25 million pounds of ISTB –that’s is the amount receive buy Best Buy stores. Best Buy came to embrace corporate responsibility and recycling, because their founders set out to build a different kind of company.  Best Buy began to focus on its social and environmental impact at the behest of its workers and customers. The article also says some customers-not most- but enough to matter- said they preferred to do business with retailers that cared about their community. The CEO think that his job is to be the chief listener, the CEO don’t believe that there are a few really smart people but the only way to make companies to success is to be around the enterprise and look for people with passion and ideas.  Best Buy new goal is to do more than sell technology. The company began by installing kiosks in stores where customers can drop off cell phones, batteries, and ink-jet cartridges for Best Buy it turns out to be a good business.

I think that Best Buy is getting smarting buy turning green, by doing that more consumers would buy their products.  In the meanwhile it gives Best Buy more stability, while customers are disposing their old electronics. Best Buy is changing the way of doing business; recycle is more than garbage if you recycle the right products. I think the Best Buy is making a lot of profit by collecting old electronics; because they are collecting millions of old parts every day.  I like the idea of Best of trying to do new business by became green for the reason that it would help future generations. With this idea Best Buy is doing more sells because customers need to buy new products.


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  1. lindz617
    December 2, 2009 at 1:37 pm

    Not only does best buy have a great recycling program they also started about a few months ago doing a trade in program. for example if you have say an ipod that is in decent condition and you are not using it or want to upgrade to a new one best buy will do an appraisal on it and give you a quote for what they feel (in its current condition) would be if you are satisified with the quote best buy will give you that amount on a best buy gift card. best buy is expanding the different items you can trade-in. This is a great idea but the only small catch is the product has to have been bought at a bestbuy store proved by presenting reciept of purchase. Best Buy is also affiliated with kodak and HP that if you bring in an old printer to recycle you will get $50 off a brand new all in one kodak or HP printer (select models) which is still an awesome deal especially becasue they are the all in one models. Best buy is constantly changing for the better and coming up with new great ideas to not only promote business but the economy as well.

  2. jthomason16
    December 2, 2009 at 9:03 pm

    I think that best buy is doin a good thing by goin green. This is a smart decision for the environment as well as for the image of the company. They will be attracting alot more business by doing this. There will be alot more people wanting to come in with this idea in place.

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