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American workers paid too much?

Americans are overpaid

This article provides information on americans wages versus foreign workers wages and how american workers are overpaid compared to foreign workers. Based on the facts the author does indeed have a good point,  but in today’s economy american workers can’t afford to have their wages garnished. 

However; the author explains how america’s greater salary could hurt our economy even worse through outsourcing.  If companies have to spend outrageous amounts of money paying their employees they might decide to move factors overseas where labor is cheaper therefore taking away more american jobs. Looked at through that perspective, americans really could be overpaid.

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  1. getpaid22
    December 1, 2009 at 7:07 pm

    Americans are overpaided maybe becuase we overpay for products. The cost of living is higher in america than some other countries being compared. The cost of living is higher then pay has to be higher. From a capitalist view and profit motive in mind if outsourcing saves money and bring the cost down for the company then outsourcing seems to be the answer. From a utilitarian view outsourcing doesn’t benefit the grestest amount of people because the domestic economy will be affected.

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