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Adam Lambert Tried to Defy ‘Cliche And Safe’ Gay-Male Stereotype With AMA Performance


American Idol star and gay celebrity Adam Lambert  appeared on the Ellen DeGerneres show today and discussed his controversial performance during the American Music Awards. During his performance he delivered what was describes as a “controversial, sexually charged performance”. Lambert says that he was nervous before the performance and he just got really excited. He claims that he might have gone a little too far with his performance but he says he will not apologize. Lambert stated that he thinks the media blew the entire thing way out of proportion because he is a gay man.

I do believe that the reason this performance was such a media exposion is becuase Lambert is gay. However i also believe that Lambert may be using his position as a gay man as a publicity tool. These are only my personal opinions but i beleive that Lambert is being overly flamboyant in his portrayal of an openly gay man. The cover of his new album shows a picture of Lambert complety covered in makeup and he looks completly like a female.

Now Lambert talks about how he thinks the media is just after him becuase he is gay but i believe that by parading around in makeup and putting on homesexually driven performances on national televisions is kind of asking for the attention.

Please let me know your opinions on the topic.

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