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Why Big Shopping Bargins Are Bad News For America

Here, the recent bargains of black friday shopping are looked at as something different from great savings and how the negatively affect America.  It is surprising to find that most people would ratherr pay a little more than less so that those we made the products and those who sale the products can also benefit.  The writers of this article did a survey to find out exactly that, that most people would rather pay a little more and have everyone benefit.  The writer states his hypothesis very well.  If stuff cost more, we are forced to buy less and that is just the demand curve in action.  But he contradicts it by saying if we are forced to buy fewer things then maybe we will break it down mentally and know that the way to happiness is to buy more.  When low-cost is the main concentration point, quality and service go downhill.  From that, it is known that people would rather pay  more for a good product than to pay less and get ripped.

Capitalism is very predominate in this situation because those who control the prices control the quality of the goods.  But it is also known that if people are left to purse their own interest, they will without intending to do it produce the greatest good for all.  And that is the only justification for the communist market.  I do agree with the author’s hypothesis and it makes sense to me.  90% of Americans do look for more possessions as happiness and this will lead to a buying increase.Shopping

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