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Simple plan ‘means no need for third Heathrow runway’

Simple plan ‘means no need for third Heathrow runway’

This article, written by Dan Milmo, is about the discussion of how Heathrow, the main airport in London, should deal with operating capacities. One the one hand, they debate the extension of night flights with the upcoming drawback of increasing noise. On the other hand, they consider building a new runway, which is quite expensive. In both scenarios, the whole area of the airport has to be changed. Therefore, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the aviation regulator of the UK, argues that it has to be considered seriously. According to John Stewart, chairman of Heathrow Association for the control of Airport Noise (HACAN), one of the main disadvantages in extending flying hours is that it would violate the existing law.

The summarized article is a great example in regards to the topic Speciesism, which we discussed in class. Speciesism means that effects of our actions on other animals have no direct moral significance. A good example is building this runway at Heathrow Airport. In this example, humans just calculate the costs of the project but do not think about other effects like reducing the wildlife in this area. Singer believes that this aspect is no argument and compares it with slavery and racism. He said that the white racists, the slaveowners, did not take the interests of their slaves into account. These white racists limited their moral concern to their own race, so the suffering of a black person did not have the same moral significance as the suffering of a white person, and this is not justifiable at all.

This behavior of the decision maker at Heathrow Airport is indeed not justifiable because not only expenses or drawbacks for humans should be considered, but also how it would affect the animals in this area.

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