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‘Recession adds Fuel to Workplace Gossip’

Job fears, economic woes send the office rumor mill into overdrive


As all of us keep hearing about the recession, many people still fear for their jobs.  In response, people are gossiping now more now than ever on the clock, in hopes it gets back to their bosses, so the person that is on the chopping block so to speak, losses their job, and unfairly the instigator, the gossipers, keep theirs.

My concern, is  how is it that people that think this way (gossiping about someone else will get them fired?) actually get these jobs in the first place?  Clearly, they don’t have the best interests of the company in mind, let alone their colleagues.  What happened to checking gossip at the office door?

Here is a crazy suggestion, what if,  employees would spend more time focusing on their job instead of rumors, so that they would improve business for their company, and in turn they can keep their jobs, and if the company continues to do well, their colleagues will keep their jobs too?  What about that sense of job-satisfaction? Does it involve around the break room talking about who did what when and where?

Or is it that these employees could care less about job satisfaction and doing what’s best for the company?  Is that all people care about are themselves?

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