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Obama declines to set Guantánamo closure date in Fox News interview

Obama declines to set Guantánamo closure date in Fox News interview

This article, written by Daniel Nasaw, is about Barack Obama’s politics and the problems he is faced with at the moment. It deals with topics like the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, the plans of the Israelis to build further settlements in West Bank, the new book of Sarah Palin, and finally with Obama’s plans to close Guantánamo.

Actually, Barack Obama promised during his campaign to close the prison Guantánamo  within a year. The problem was that he was faced with rigid resistance of the Republicans. The behavior of the Republicans and the prison Guantánamo as a whole is ethically not justifiable. It is ethically wrong to put people into jail without any process in front of a court. I know that a lot of Americans are afraid of further terrorist attacks, but giving up the idea of liberty and civil rights is not the answer. One should remember how the reaction of the Americans would be, if American citizens are put into jail in Africa, Asia or Europe without any proven facts. I suppose most Americans would freak out. I do not want to affront the USA by writing this article. It is just very important to be able to put oneself in the position of the opponent in order to solve conflicts. Additionally, it is quite funny to me that strong proponents of the libertarian view, like the Republicans, are against the plans from Mr. Obama. They claim that liberty and no restriction through the government is actually the solution to the most problems.

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