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Food Stamp Use Soars, and Stigma Fades

This article is about the need for Food Stamps, it says that the need for food stamps have growing at record highs. A program once scorned as a failed welfare scheme now helps feed one in eight Americans and one in four children. This article recognize the millions of jobs lost and major industries , Americans array of government aid- including unemployment insurance, food stamps and cash welfare- is being tested as never before. It is the worst economic crisis in decades it has grown so rapidly in places that in some places as ordinary as the groceries it buys. More than 36 million people use food stamps for staples like milk, bread, and other products to try to survive. It also says that many Americans income in near or below the federal poverty line, longtime recipients of welfare checks and workers whose reduced hours or slender wages leave pantries bare. It doesn’t matter the size of the counties it says that is calculated half of the size of each county survive with food stamps. This article explains the record growing of food stamps in all the counties, the respond of the program has been tremendous. This is the most urgent time in our lifetime; with the exception of the Depression it’s time to acknowledge there are hungry people.

Personally I think that this crisis is happened now, because the bad management that we had for the last few years in America. Now all we can do is try to survive this crisis.  The big unemployment has caused many Americans to ask the Government for help. The Government is helping the American people with food stamps; this program is helping more Americans than ever. The depression is a very hard time for anybody; I think that the Government is doing a good job on helping the American people in this time of crisis. Food stamps don’t get any American richer, but makes us all believe that better times would come.



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