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Closing of ethics center raises concerns

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“ST. LOUIS (AP) — Washington University has announced it will close its ethics center just as two people connected to the university have had high-profile ethical.” This is the main point to this article because this university has decided to close down their ethical center because of budget matters. Before the main professor who was helping to give out ethics guidance to the university student was accused of putting false information on the website and directly to the students. He gave out false information to a doctor which led to them using the wrong drugs.

This is appalling and everyone should be punished that was linked to this centre because they are going against what they are actually there to do which is random. If you were an ethics worker then surly they would understand and have looked into greater details and know that they can not give false information out because this will give a bad example out to the students.

Closing this centre down is out of order in another view because they have gained 20,00 dollars from private people in order to help. This is more than many other departments and that if this centre stayed open then the school would be able to bring in more money which will help the reputation because this money can be used to help with better professors or a larger pay so that the professors keep up there good work.

Another angle to look at this piece is that should a big university close down their ethic’s centre. This is giving the students disrespect and if they think that they do not have any help in this department maybe people will forget about their ethics and this will make the students do things in the wrong way.

I feel that the centre should be opened because having people guide you through ethics is what we need in this world to make sure that everyone stays on the straight and narrow.

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