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World Stem Cell Summit 2009 Explores Ethical Issues

This article discusses the ethical issues that surround the use of stem cells. There are many ethical issues that arise from stem cell research. Everyone is aware of the moral dilemma of should the stem cell should be considered human or not. However, there are other issues that have come to light surrounding this new field of research. These issues “range from intellectual property rights of researchers to fairness of access to therapies developed from stem cells, from informed consent of stem cell donors and patients to social justice issues in the directions of research.”

The article also points out how women who are having trouble conceiving are more reluctant to “donate” their eggs to research than they are the fertilized embryos. This to me raises a moral dilemma in itself. The egg, unfertilized, will not become a human; however, the fertilized embryo, if allowed to mature, will become a fetus. Why should it be normal that a woman having trouble conceiving would donate the viable life form versus the unfertilized egg?

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