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Deutsche Telekom accused of spying on board

Deutsche Telekom accused of spying on board

In his article “Deutsche Telekom accused of spying on board” Roger Boyes writes among other things about the fact that Deutsche Telekom “is accused of trawling through the phone records of some of its directors […]” to find a leak from the board members to business journalists.
I chose this article because it is another good example for organizational influence in private lives of their employees, in this instance how Deutsche Telekom spied and eavesdropped on their employees’ phone calls, in this special case even on the board of directors.
The right of privacy of these employees is absolutely violated. Here, too, they didn’t have the possibility to control information about themselves and to decide freely who should get certain knowledge about them or not. Through being spied on, the employees weren’t able to keep certain feelings and behavior free from monitoring of the observing people.
The feeling of being watched presumably makes the board of directors think that they don’t deserve privacy, or even worse, that they are not trustworthy. Without the right of privacy their occupational daily routine becomes like an open book for the spies. In my opinion this leads to an exrem reduction of the quality of living and working.
I absolutely don’t understand how a company can spy on their board on directors. These people are responsible for the subsistence and continuity of the company, and if Deutsche Telekom doesn’t trust them it should think about what’s going wrong in the company and if it should maybe vote in other persons in the board of directors instead of spying on the existing ones.

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  1. kherm
    November 30, 2009 at 8:11 pm

    I would like to comment on this article by relating my thoughts to the importance of privacy as a civil right. Additionally, I will outline under which circumstances it might be justifiable to observe employees.
    In general, one can say that privacy is such an important civil right because everybody prefers to keep certain thoughts or feelings free from observations through strangers. Thus, private information should not be available for everyone. Furthermore, everybody wants to make decisions autonomously without any external influence. If those thoughts are available to everyone, one could not reach decisions by oneself. In conclusion, I agree with Julia that such a behavior of Deutsche Telekom is not justifiable. They even observe their own board of directors, who are reaching important decisions, and it makes also no sense from business standpoint of view. However, the privacy of the board of directors is violated, and this is not acceptable from an ethical standpoint of view.
    Since we discussed that it might be justifiable to observe laborers if it is a support and not a punishment, the example of the bank teller is adducing. In this context, the observation with the camera is a support because the bank might be robbed. This example is not transferable to this case since the observations from Deutsche Telekom were a punishment and not a support.

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