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‘Cancer-free’ baby born in London

This article is about a baby that has been born “cancer free”. The embryo was genetically tested and found to not have any genes that lead to breast and ovarian cancer. One might think that this is a miraculous event. I, however, feel that this maybe quite a feat, but it borders on medical personnel playing God. The embryos that are genetically tested and found to have cancer genes are destroyed. I personally feel this is unethical and unmoral. No one should be allowed to decide which embryos survive based upon what genes are present.

Supporters of this procedure feel that a 3 day old embryo should not be considered a child and find the testing to be no different than the medical testing most pregnant women undergo later in the pregnancies. However, some who oppose the testing feel that parents who use this procedure will become determined to remove all imperfections from the child. I guess the real question to ask is: at what point is an embryo considered a person? The answer may seem easy; however, the decision may have cataclysmic consequences.

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