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Black Friday crowds eager to spend

Black Friday crowds eager to spend

It’s good news to hear that people are shopping and spending more in our 2009 black Friday day. However, I don’t think things have gotten better with he economy. Is it ethical to make 1 day out of the year with cheaper prices for people to rush around to buy? If that what works then why not have everyday black Friday if, just as long as you’re making money. Just because you’re selling cheaper things doesn’t mean you’re losing money. You will have more customers to sell to if you sell things at a cheaper price.

This article was interesting to see what people are blowing their money on. Snuggies? Really? There are starving people out there and your throwing money away on a snuggie when you can buy a cheap blanket. People really need to see what their priorities are before they purchase things. Maybe everyone would have more money these days if that were the case.

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  1. lindz617
    November 30, 2009 at 10:29 am

    This was my third year working retail on black friday. I do agree with the post above about having relativelty lower prices all year round to attract more customers to purchase more often becasue the prices would be cheaper. This only works to a point, the reason there is a black friday with big sales and savings is to bring people in to spend money and with any retailer is the biggest day of the year and most profitable. But if you had sales all the time you wouldnt see a huge crowd of people becasue those sales get old and less people are innterested in saving a couple bucks when on black friday I had customers who saved well over $150 on a tv or computer. I do agree black friday is crazy but just as how we picked black friday to be the biggest shopping day of the year now comes cyber monday with the biggest online sales after thanksgiving weekend, which also brings up other days of the year that are labeled like day after the super bowl is the national hangover day, I guess we are just going to have to get used to it because I only see it getting worse.

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