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Americans are overpaid

Americans are overpaid

I found this very interesting that Americans are sought to be over paid. I do believe that Americans are overpaid for what they do. However, you need a lot more money to be able to survive as an American. Things cost a lot more in America than they do in other countries so of course you need to make more money. I understand that people overseas are doing similar jobs for a lot less money. It’s also based on the productivity. Productivity differs between the borders and you need to also make sure your tradable goods are sufficient. “The global wage gap has been narrowing, but recent U.S. labor market statistics suggest the adjustment has not gone far enough”. Unemployment has reached an all time high and people just can’t find jobs any more. More and more stores are closing each day through this economic down fall. The pay gap needs to become narrower for Americans to make less money than other people over the boarder.

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