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Michigan Supreme Court torn on new Ethical Rule

New Ethics Rule Divides Michigan Supreme Court

The linked article discusses a new ethical rule that allows Michigan Supreme Court justices to disqualify each other from cases. This has not been done in the Michigan supreme court but has been done in lower and trial courts for sometime now. The article states that trial judges are removed based on bias all the time. The Michigan Supreme Court is following in the footsteps of the US Supreme Court who recently made a decision to remove a justice because the chief executive in the company paid $3 million toward his election.

While looking at the removal of the justice who knew the chief executive, this looks like an ethical decision to make. It looks like one that will decrease corruption, eliminate bias, and eliminate bribes. However, Justice Robert Young Jr. does not agree. He believes that the new decision will limit free speech. What justice will be willing to completely and openly share their opinion when it could get them disqualified from specific cases. He believes this will come into play alot with future supreme court elections. As much as this decision does support ethics, it may also hinder other areas such as free speech. I am torn and can see both perspectives. Is this really an ethical decision all around? Should we even have to question a judges bias?

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