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Charting the Cuban blogosphere

Charting the Cuban blogosphere

The article, “Charting the Cuban blogosphere,” is primarily about Cuban bloggers and how the government tries to control those independent blogs. Even though the bloggers actually are a very small community, the government dislikes those comments and consequently banned it. In fact, only two percent of the Cuban citizens have access to the internet since it is very expensive. Using the internet for an hour, Cubans have to spend one third of their monthly salary. Although using the internet is not affordable for most people, the government has imposed restrictions. When we discussed the legitimate and illegitimate influence in class, we related those issues to companies which gather information from their employees. However, in my opinion one can relate it to a state as well.

It is absolutely not justifiable to forbid people to use the internet since we have learned that individuals have a right for privacy and particularly the right to control certain information about oneself. Additionally, humans want to make decisions autonomously and free from illegitimate influence. We discussed that such an observation is only justifiable if it supports the employee such as a bank teller who is observed by a camera. Thus one can say that it is only justifiable if it supports the citizens. Therefore, it might be acceptable to observe citizens with cameras in order to avoid terrorist attacks. However, it is absolutely not reasonable to forbid citizens the use of the internet in order to avoid criticism of the government.

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