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BestBuy Keeps it Real

Black Friday’s crazy sales brings out the crazy in the customers.  Each year you hear stories about long lines and reduced prices.  BestBuy has tried to devise a plan to handle the crowds of early raisers.  They have a ticket system based on first come first serve, each customer receives as many tickets for however many doorbusters they wish.  Some customers were trying to sell their tickets to others who were in need.  BestBuy recognized this and got active.  The police were on hand to escort the ones who were attempting to sell their tickets out of line.  BestBuy confiscated their tickets and did not allow them back in line.  No charges were filed. The ethical issue is not to clear where selling the tickets is wrong but the way in which BestBuy handled the situation was professional.  BestBuy shows that no matter how big the issue they do not uphold any unethical behavior.  I don’t see why the customers where in trouble for selling their tickets.  They were in line early to receive them and the tickets belonged to them.  Why couldn’t they sell the tickets if they wished.  What if they had something come up and suddenly have to leave should they just “give” their tickets to people who are willing to pay them?  I’m sure this Black Friday story is just the beginning and there are many more to come.  http://money.cnn.com/2009/11/27/news/economy/black_friday_Best_Buy/index.htm

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