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Children in Home Based Day Cares Watch Too Much TV


Stuides have shown that toddlers who stay at home based daycare centers tend to watch about two hours of television per day in daycare. Added to the time that the children will watch at their homes, it means that some young children spend up to one-third of their awaken time watching television. Parents hope that their children will get something out of childcare, but they might be dissappointed to know that they are instead watching TV, DVD’s, and movies.

The controversy is whether or not caretakers should be allowed to let children watch TV all day to entertain them when their parents are paying them for their childcare. Parents pay money and hope that their children are getting educated in some social and interactive ways, but instead they are watching TV.

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  1. ansmith2
    December 4, 2009 at 10:12 pm

    It should be the parent’s responsibility to seek out the best affordable daycare for their child… research whether or not TV watching is a tool of entertainment. If the parent prefers not to have their child watch TV during daycare hours then the parent should not utilize the daycare services… there is no reason for a bill or regulation to be place on in home daycare providers who choose to use the TV… we have way to many regulations as is now that limit our freedoms.. We need to stop giving the govt so much dictation on what we can and cannot do… While I do not agree with an abundance of TV watching … I do not recommend a regulation on whether TV watching should be allowed… it is an ethical violation to our freedoms…


  2. bnjoe
    December 8, 2009 at 11:14 pm

    Daycare is very essential for working parents that have kids. Whether you want your child to go to a daycare where instructional learning is taught is up to you. Not all daycares have instructional learning so when signing up it is vital to you to find out. If you choose not to have your child entertained by a television set more thatn 4 hours a day, then it is up to the parent to find a suitable daycare center. There are no laws or regulations that state that a daycare center must teach instructional learning so in this case, the only thing that can be done is to pull your child out of the center and take them somewhere else.

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