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Adam Lambert’s AMA Performance is has 1,500 Complaints


At the American Music Awards last night, American Idol alumni Adam Lambert performed a song from his album that came out today, “For Your Entertainment.” It was an S & M-themed number in which the singer made sexual motions towards all of his dancers. However, the most controversial part of the entire performance was when he shared a kissed with the male keyboard player.

The moral issues in this story are a few. The first is whether or not people’s complaints of this action are “discrimination” against gays as Lambert said. The fact is that people would not mind seeing a heteorsexual kiss on television. However, some people do find the idea of homosexuality offensive, but it is questionable whether it really it acutally offensive.

The other moral issue is the entire dance number that was completely sexual and where the line is one what can be shown on television. I believe that the entire number was too suggestive for television in general.

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  1. abendym
    December 6, 2009 at 2:38 pm

    I think his actions where a bit extreme. There are just somethings that are approiate for television and some that arent. Im sure the fact that he is gay makes this harder to grasp but you dont see heterosexuals putting their faces in others groin area and getting very raw on stage.

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