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The Legality of Paper Mills

Case of the Purloined Term Paper: When Work Is Resold

This article is about the current legal issues surrounding paper mills, which are companies that sell papers to college students who subsequently turn them in as their own original work.  These companies have avoided legal trouble for many years, but a current lawsuit threatens to shut one down due to copyright infringement and other legal issues.  The main problem with this company is that they are using previously submitted assignments without consulting or compensating the owner and selling them for a profit.  However, there are many other paper mills that pay students to write papers and subsequently resell them for a profit.  Since these companies are not infringing on the copyrights of the owners, they are not violating any copyright laws.

The main ethical issue here is whether paper mills should be operating at all.  While the paper mills do not face serious legal threats for their business activites, students who purchase these papers often face many legal and ethical issues.  First, students have no legal recourse if they do not receive an acceptable grade on the purchased paper.  Second, students run the risk of having their paper detected as plagiarism, which often results in course failure or even explusion from the university.  Finally, these papers cost a lot of money, especially if they are custom written to satisfy certain course requirements or earn a certain grade.  Therefore, I believe that students should just take the time to write their own papers instead of being lazy in order to save money and, most importantly, preserve their hard-earned academic standings and integrity.

R. Brow

P.S.: If anyone is still looking for a partner to exchange papers with for peer reviews, please e-mail me at rsbrown (at) coastal.edu

(EDIT: I removed the link and @ from your email address in order to minimize the number of spambots that pick up your address. – D.E.)

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