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Loyalty and Happiness at Work

Loyalty and Happiness at Work

This article ties into our discussion in class about loyalty to your job. Chip Connolly wrote a book that is based off of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. He believes that people get their loyalty based off Maslow and his hierarchy of needs. I think everyone gets their loyalty from how they were raised. I’m a true believer that we are descendants of our parents; we just hate to admit it. Granted I think we get some of our loyalty based off Maslow however, people are going to do what they want. They base their loyalty off how they feel that person has treated you. You in return would give that same respect back if it was deserved.
This book is a good motivator for people who want to learn how to be loyal to their employees. I think this book may relate to our case study we read in class. If employees were as loyal to their business as they are to slacking off then each business would improve. I think everyone’s work ethics are horrible. For the people who have a job they slack off, how could you when you know how bad the economy is and how high the unemployment rate is. I do everything to keep my job and that includes being loyal to my company. I think people should read this book so the people that do have a job can keep it.

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