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Swimming Pool Racism

Swim ClubA Pennsylvania swim club has filed for bankruptcy due to past money problems.  The swim club filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy on Tuesday, an assistant form the clerk’s desk stated.  This particular swim club has had previous troubles with racism on their premises.  The racism effected the swim club by lowering the attendance and membership of those who were affected by the racism.  The club’s employees cancelled a contract for 65 children to be allowed on their premises, which most were minorities.  It is believed that the club did not want the young kids their because it would have hurt their reputation they thought.  Now their reputation is gone and they face no longer being in business.  Kids who were discriminated against were of the black and hispanic races, and they made statements saying that the club members and employees had said racist comments to them.  The club did not want their older members feeling as if their belongings might be tampered with or stole from them, so this is why it is thought that the club discontinued their contract.  The club’s director, John Duesler stated that the children were changing the atmosphere and complexion of the club and that is why their privileges were revoked.  It is expected that further investigation will continue in order to repair the feelings of those who were hurt.

From my stand point, i do belive the director discontinued the contract because he did not want to lose the senior members of the club who spend more money on drink and food.  SInce the club is not solely for the senior, i do not think they have the right to discontinue the contact, and i also believe this is immoral.  Immoral because of their thoughts and actions towards the children just so the club can remain being seen as prestige.  To me, this sounds like the paradox of hedonism, or the paradox of selfishness because the director is only concerned with one certain group of people.

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  1. jajord
    November 18, 2009 at 7:22 pm

    They are being discriminatory to the children but legally because of the private swimming club I believe they are allowed to do this. However on an ethical note it is wrong kids are kids an are the most pure form of human an should not bear the costs of the rascist workers.

  2. krismj88
    November 23, 2009 at 4:31 pm

    This is basically age discrimination with a side of racism. Except this time its towards kids and not the elderly. Some of the kids in this situation may not even know what racism is. They should not be punished for trying to have fun in the summer. The clubs reasoning for excluding the kids is completely unethical.

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