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From Prague to Berlin, liberty will always owe youth

From Prague to Berlin, liberty will always owe youth

The article, “From Prague to Berlin, liberty will always owe youth,” touches a lot of the topics we have already discussed in class. In general, the article is about freedom and liberty and how the students of the former Czechoslovakia fight for it during November 1989. Additionally, the author connects this event to present problems, which is what I mainly want to take into account by commenting on this article. The main connection the author wants to emphasize is that students during that time fought for liberty, and so should students today. He points out the “deep erosions of personal privacy” which is supported by the British government. Furthermore, he gives examples by describing how the British government would use cameras to observe their citizens journeys, how they collected data from communication over the internet and how they extended DNA databases. His main critical point, in this context, is that everybody accepts those violations of their private sphere. Therefore, he claimed that British students should stand up like the Czechoslovakian students used to.

I would like to relate the author’s thoughts to the topic of why privacy is an important civil right and why the behavior of the British government is not justifiable. From a Business Ethics standpoint of view, the importance of privacy has three dimensions for most people. Firstly, we do not want to have private information available to everyone. That means we want to keep that private information confidential. Secondly, we wish to keep certain thoughts, feelings, and behaviors free from the observation of strangers in order to prevent these thoughts from becoming public. Finally, we value being able to reach decisions autonomously, not being influenced by our employer or others. That all means privacy to most people and is a civil right. The importance is determined in the fact that without that right, like in former East Germany (called DDR), the state is able to obtain private information of every citizen. They observe their citizens in order to find out what they think. If their opinion did not go along with the dictatorship, they put the people into prison. Additionally, through observation they influenced the people. I think this is a good example because it shows what can happen if people do not have privacy as a civil right.

Referring back to the article, the author really wants to emphasize how important the right to have privacy is. It is absolutely not justifiable that the government collects all this data and violates the privacy of every single citizen. I would like to end my comment by citing his last two sentences: “Time to wake up. Time for students in Britain to grasp what is happening.” I feel this quote is important to this issue because British students should now feel obligated to demand the right to their own privacy.

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