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Bosses at Student Loans Company paid £2m in bonuses

Bosses at Student Loans Company paid £2m in bonuses

This article focuses on the way how the Student Loans Company (SLC) is handling their bonus system. The author of the article points out the fact that the SLC staff got bonuses totaling 1,893,500 British Pounds in September 2008, while on the other hand, students are still waiting for their loan payments. Some critics point out that those bonuses are far too high and that it would be even more money than some people would earn in an entire year. This is a good example of why such high salaries are not justifiable.

On the one hand, there are students waiting for their support; they may in fact life on it and do not get the money. On the other hand, we have people who get an incredibly high bonus. According to the utilitarian view, it is not justifiable at all. Utilitarians claim that it would be only justifiable if it would produce the most happiness, and it obviously does not. I agree with the utilitarian view and think it is not justifiable. I know that the libertarian view, on the other hand, really goes along with this behavior, since they claim that there should be no interference in the free market.

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