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Us and China’s Waste

US and China China and the United States are the world’s largest producers of greenhouse gasses.  On Tuesday, Obama met with Jintao to fight climate change and creat energy off of their gasses.  By using new technologies that were developed just for this purpose, the two countries will work together to reduce carbon emissions into our air.  China has agreed to spend millions on a clean energy research center that would allow for the two countries to create new ways of reducing emissions.  Obama believes that this action will be immediate and does so because of the severe risk our climate is at.  The two presidents are not focusing on just their actions, but want to have a pack made in the upcoming years.  This pact will include at least 191 countries in what is called the Copenhagen summit.  Further countries will be encouraged to practice the same measures to reduce the risk of complete climate change.

This change for the two countries is a positive one that will have great effects on our climate.  The notion that the US and China have agreed to make will hopefully influence the other 191 countries to practice the same measures.  THis action comes into effect with our text of talking about the story of the commons, but in a little different area. If all countries were to ignore the need for safer emissions, we would use our air space as a pollution area.  This would then  lead to detrimental effects on our climate.  People need to recognize the need for safer emissions and understand how little changes can provide us with a better world to live in.

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