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Oregon State Wide Reciever Dez Bryant Suspended for Season for “Lying” to NCAA Officials


The NCAA made a decision to suspend Oregon State’s star wide reciever Dez Bryant for the remainder of the season and take away a year of eligibility. The reason for this harsh penalty is that Bryant allegedly lied about meeting with NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders.

The situation was that Sanders contacted Bryant and wanted to meet with him, which they did. Bryant was later cornered by NCAA officials asking questions about this event and Bryant lied about the event ever happening. Bryant’s meeting with Sanders was in no way a NCAA infraction and would  not have brought any kind punishment. But because Bryant “lied” about it his college football career is over.

I believe that this entire ordeal is a major overreaction by the NCAA. Any player would have stretched the truth about this even when put on the spot like Bryant did. The NCAA rulebook is so huge that their was no way for Bryant to know if what he had done was actually illegal. Players have gotten off with much less strict punishments for much more serious infractions but the NCAA is trying to make an example of Bryant.

I do not believe the punishment fits the crime. Please give me some feedback. Id like to hear you opinions on the matter.

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  1. abendym
    November 29, 2009 at 6:46 pm

    I’d have to agree. I think that this is an extreme punishment for such a minor infraction. Maybe the NCAA officials thought that they were making some sort of deals or conspiring for something, they must have thought that there was more to the meeting. To ruin this athletes career about denying meeting with a Hall of Famer seems pretty ridiculous.

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