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Tax Fairness

Tax Fairness

 This article is concerning president Obama’s tax proposal.  This proposal was concerned with tax cuts the lower and middle class families and more taxes for the higher income working people.  Obama wanted to let the tax cuts expire for those families that made over $250,000 per year and extend them to those who made less and were in need of money.  William Gale, vice president of economic studies at Brookings Institution did not agree with what the president had to say.  Gale is the main constructor for this interview, who argues against the tax cuts.  Gale believes that since those higher paid people who worked hard for their money, should not have to pay more taxes than those who make less.  Obama believes that by doing this, the tax system and national debt/ revenue will be on a turn around.  Gale believes that by doing this, Obama would be putting our tax system in a bigger whole than it already is.

 I take the side of Gale, by saying that I think everyone should get taxed at the same rate.  Everyone works for their money, some just work harder.  It is not ethical to punish someone for doing something they love and is completely legal.

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