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Palin’s Book= Controversy


Sarah Palin has recently written a memoir, as many presidential hopefuls have done lately. However, there are two parts in particular that are quite controversial. The first is that she seemed to be quite vindictive towards her enemies in the McCain camp. The second is that when someone asks if she would ever divorce her husband she asked if they had looked at him.

The issue in this story is that Palin does not seem to be acting very presidential. They state that her actions that she recorded in the book and the language that she uses is not that of a president. However, Palin has never actually stated whether she plans to run for president or not. The issue here is that the media is being extra-critical of her over something that might not even be in her future. It is true that book seems to be yet another sign that she is thinking of the presidency, the fact is that the media does not know for sure, and needs to give the woman a break.

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