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Nuclear Weapons

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Russia and the United states are boding together to end the nuclear fight in this world today.  As it stands, Russia and USA have way too many nuclear weapons that could end many lives of others in other countries.  The two countries held a meeting with president Obama and Dmitry to discuss how they could improve what could lead to a devastated world.  Dmirty knows of the importance to do away with the nuclear weapons, and he also says that he knows the world is watching.  Obama is all for deleting the nuclear weapons from the US’s armory because he does not want someone using theirs on us in a battle of the strongest. 

I am in favor of this motion to disarm all nuclear weapons within these two countries.  I have no doubt in my mind that if they are kept, there will be a disastrous war at some point.  When countries have these types of weapons on hand, they threaten other countries by using them.  By not having them on hand, fighting countries will have to resort to ethical means for overcoming troubled issues.

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