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Black Friday: Debit card ‘don’ts’


This article is about the use of debit cards on Black Friday, the most recent consumer credit report show the debit cards are been use more than credit cards. Experts are forecasting debit card transactions to surge even further, the article wants to inform the debit cards not always work great . This Black Friday is the start of the holiday shopping; consumers are trying to keep credit card balance low, for this reason the use of debit cards have increased. This article also says that debit cards are not much different from carrying cash. Experts do think it’s best to leave your debit card at home on Black Friday, with retailers trying to take advantage by supporting the use of debit cards for this holiday. The article also would explain how you can keep it safe. Unlike transactions made by cash or credit cards, debit cards return won’t work the same way while is in dispute on purchase articles. The reason is because debit cards are fall under Federal Reserve Board Regulation E, which makes them instantaneous transactions with third parties. Debit cards won’t receive any money back instantaneous like credit cards of cash, until the dispute is resolved. Make sure to keep all the received if you pay with debit cards, it won’t speed up a refund, but would make it easier. Pay with a debit card is the same as pay with cash why not to save yourself a headache in pay cash. Unlike credit cards your bank isn’t monitoring your spending, it means if your debit card is used suspiciously or appears to be stolen your bank won’t shut down our debit card.

I think the used of debit cards is not necessary, if the amount of money you want to spend is minimum. As we know people wants to expend more debit than credit for reason already mention in the article.  If you are the persons who buy in check later, maybe a debit card is not for you. If you return the purchase article in you want to used your own money for another article, maybe you would find out that your cash is been hold by the retail store. Why not pay with cash in get your money back right of way. Another reason for the use of cash instead of debit card is that we really don’t know how much cash exactly we have left in the bank. If you balance is low in you spend more than the amount that you have left on the bank, the bank won’t freeze your account. The reason for the bank not to freeze your account is very simple, if you overcharge your account. The bank would make extra money for every purchase that you make, by doing this the bank can make a lot of profit with a single person. Imagine if many people overcharge their accounts, how much the bank can make in one day. Also the bank has the choice of which payment do first, so if you do 10 purchases in your last purchase is the same amount that you have on the bank. You might think the you would be overcharge for the last payment; in you can pay it later because you use the method of credit card. The bank can choose to pay the highest amount first in you would be overcharge not one time, but you would be overcharge 9 times. Each time you would pay the feet of overcharge, if you have purchase 10 items you can pay 9 overcharge instead. For this reasons, i think that the use of debit cards are not so sweet as sound by many people.


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