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School Nixes Cash-For-Grades Fundraiser

School Nixes Cash-For-Grades Fundraiser In North Carolina

This article is about a North Carolina middle school that cancelled plans to hold a cash-for-grades fundraiser.  The school was offering 20 extra credit points to students in exchange for a $20 donation to the school.  This money was going to be used to help overcome the budget cuts that the school was experiencing.  Although the school claimed that 20 extra credit points would not have a significant impact on overall grades, the plan was nixed after complaints from parents and other educational institutions.

The main ethical concern here is whether money and grades should be intertwined.  I believe that grades should be based solely on ability and academic achievement instead of money.  Grades are one of the few things in life that can’t be bought, and it should remain that way.  Anyways, if the school is desperate to raise money, there are many other ways to do it without impacting student grades.  Therefore, I am glad that the school decided to nix their cash-for-grades fundraiser.

R. Brow

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  1. mbrooke
    November 17, 2009 at 8:37 pm

    I heard about this on the news a few days ago and couldnt believe it. This should be a major ethical concern that someone in charge of a school thought this was ok! why didnt anyone tell him this wasnt allowed before it got to the news? Or why did parent give thier children money to donate? people should know this is a small form of bribery. You cant give your teacher $20 dollars to give yourself a better grade. This doesnt reflect what the students learn or thier performance. Do what other schools do, fundraisers that sell candy or something, not grades!

  2. stgoff
    November 30, 2009 at 3:35 pm

    I find this appalling. What are we teaching our kids? That it is okay to buy your way? This is so unethical and morally wrong! I have to agree with mbrooke’s comment…this is a form of bribery. Why not hold a fund raiser to raise the funds needed? Or do like most places and take furlough days and pay cuts across the board. I think the school officials who approved this should be investigated. Wonder if they can bribe their way out of it?

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