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Two More German Chains Caught Spying on Employees

Two More German Chains Caught Spying on Employees

The article which is published in the magazine “Spiegel” talks about the “Stasi-Like” methods of German supermarket chains like Lidl, Plus and Edeka which spied on their employees, now claiming that they hired the security firm only with the aim of countering theft. 

I chose this article because it fits our discussion of privacy in the workplace and is a good example of how employers obtain information about their employees.
We learned that individuals have a right to privacy, that they should be able to decide which information about themselves they want to be published and which not. These German supermarket chains grossly violate this fundamental right of privacy when spying on employees during cigarette and coffee breaks, let alone spying on the toilet…
When companies try to gather information about their employees, the “Informed Consent” should no be disregarded. That implies that the employee is well-informed of the procedure of information gathering and has decided uncoerced to participate in this privacy-invading procedure.
I strongly assume that in the case of Lidl, Plus and Edeka the employees were not informed about the subject, not to mention their uncoerced agreement to be observed on the toilet.

I realize that companies want to have information about their employees, that they want to know who these people are, but it’s absolutely unacceptable to gather these requested information on the basis of such a conduct.

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  1. mbrooke
    November 17, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    Like we discussed in class, people have a right to decide what information they want people to know. Businesses cannot just invade on peoples privacy like this and not be considered unethical. If they were worried about stoping theft I dont see the reason smoke breaks or bathroom usage would have anything to do with that. the employees should have certainally been notified of this. It is sometimes hard to know where to draw the line with privacy in the workplace but i believe this definitly was too much.

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