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Commentary on ‘Two More German Chains Caught Spying on Employees’

First of all I completely agree that in general, this is an invasion of privacy, but only by what I know, being a United States citizen working under all the privacy acts and laws of the workplace in this country.   However, I do not think that Germany has the same privacy acts and laws as we do here in the United States.  While it may be frowned upon for these employers or their government to do so, it may not be unlawful.

German employees (just as we are here) should typically be aware of the rights they have in the workplace.  The rights of German employees probably differ from the privacy acts we have here.  So this story uncovered may be a little surprise, but nothing way out in left field for these employees.  Just as much as I feel that this is an invasion of privacy because of what I know, this may not be an invasion of privacy based on what they know.

As far as something like this happening here in the United States, isn’t that far off either.  If you don’t think each and every one of us are watched and monitored  through our cell phones, hidden cameras, and other monitoring devices (let alone the problem in the article on smoke breaks and such) here on American soil, I have news for you, you have another thing coming to you.  How do you think terrorists are tracked down?  The only difference between our government and the Germans’ in this case; is that they got caught.    Their employees are probably fully aware that  they are monitored at all times, just as we are here.  Word to the wise (or maybe unwise in this case), privacy doesn’t exist today, anywhere.  Our best response is a case like this, is our continuous surrounding awareness and keeping our guard up at all times.

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  1. jajord
    November 8, 2009 at 10:48 pm

    Spying occurs everywhere in the United States and while employers cannot bring up what they spy on as evidence it definently still occurs. It is a total invasion of privacy and make people afraid of their employers. I do not believe that fear is a good motivator for efficient productivity.

  2. jsbenjam
    November 10, 2009 at 12:38 am

    While I feel that everyone is entitled to his or her privacy, I do not believe this holds up in the workplace. When you clock in you are now an asset of the company using company resources. These resources are owned by someone, who has the right to monitor his or her resources.

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