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Legalize Prostitution

Legalize Prostitution

In the article linked above details are given as to why legalization of prostitution can help our economy. First it introduces prostitution by providing details about the history of prostitution and how it is the oldest profession in the world. Then it goes on to talk about how in many communities throughout the U.S., the police investigate and arrest persons involved in prostitution. A careful examination of this practice shows that it reduces the quality of life in society. The article explains how legalization of prostitution improves neighborhoods and promotes safety. By forcing prostitution out of places where it would more naturally be found, such as in brothels or near motels, the police drive that activity into the streets of neighborhoods where it otherwise would not exist. As a result, residents of the neighborhoods are exposed to the activity against their will. Then the article goes on to say legalization reduces crime. If prostitution were legal, these victims would be less reluctant to report to police any criminal acts that occurred while they were involved in it. This would significantly improve the probability of catching the criminals and preventing them from victimizing others. In many cases, it could deter them from committing the crimes in the first place. Also legalization promotes liberty and privacy. Laws against prostitution violate Americans’ fundamental rights of individual liberty and personal privacy. Thomas Jefferson and other founders of the U.S. envisioned a society where people can live without interference from government, provided they don’t harm others. Then the article goes on to detail how legalization of prostitution benefits sex workers and their clients. Dr. John Money, a leading sexologist and a professor at Johns Hopkins University, similarly notes that sex workers, with proper training, can assist clients in overcoming “erotic phobia” and various other sexual dysfunctions. He says that for the clients, “the relationship with a paid professional may be the equivalent of therapy.”Can anyone, other than the ignorant or cruel, argue that sex workers should not be permitted to help such persons? The last point the article makes is that it would put law-enforcements resources to better use. Numerous legal commentators point out that using law enforcement resource against prostitution reduces substantially the resources available to fight serious crimes committed against persons or property. This nation desperately needs more efforts applied to solving those crimes, because arrests are being made in connection with only about 20% of them.

In my opinion I totally agree with this article and all of its points. The descriptions of each point are right along the same line of thought I have toward legalization of prostitution. I believe by legalizing prostitution the economy would change substantially. The workers would get taxed and that would be even more money for the government. As for government controls against it I think it is a violation of American’s rights. People make their own choices and our country was founded on freedoms. As for how children would perceive prostitution as something that is just normal. I think that every parent should raise their children with the greatest morals and respect for themselves and if you raise your children right then they would not want to pursue a career in prostitution. Just like being an exotic dancer today is legal but looked down upon. No parent would want their child to grow up and do that or pest control or flip burgers for the rest of their life. Again this article raises some very valid points about the benefits of legalization of prostitution. And who is to say that the precessions like a stockbroker or lawyer are all that moral. They have to lie and deceive people every day. Who says that type of immortality is better or worse than a person choosing to be a prostitute because they like that type of life style?

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  1. ansmith2
    November 10, 2009 at 5:56 pm

    We need to first identify why prostitution was outlawed. Then identify if the reasoning still exists in todays society. I also like to make note that with illegal acts comes illegal conduct to obtain or produce such product or service. Thus being the case regulating said services could eliminate some if not most of the illegal acts… like force postitution, or child prostitution. Regulations not outlaws maybe the answer!


  2. okazako1
    November 12, 2009 at 12:25 pm

    I disagree with the point that prostitution should be legalized. Can you imagine considering prostitution as your legal job? Where is the ethics? I think we are educated enough to see what is morally right and what is morally wrong and what actions are permissible to be considered moral. What about our kids? Now, they know the act of prostitution is wrong. However, once prostitution will become legal some kids might consider this as a future job because it is no longer a shameful job. Then what about moral standards of our society?

  3. abendym
    November 29, 2009 at 4:29 pm

    I would have to say that I disagree with legalizing prostitution. This would raise so many issues. How would you be able to differ sexual harassment in the work place? Children would be considering this as an alternative. Education would drop dramatically and i’m sure that pregnancy rates would increase as well. I think this is a very bad idea and people will result to prostitution as a top job for people and could hurt the economy more.

  4. stgoff
    November 30, 2009 at 3:48 pm

    Although the article may point out very good reasons to legalize prostitution, I would have to stand against it. Human trafficking is already a problem; can you imagine what would happen to it if prostitution is legalized? I am sure that the economy could benefit from the taxes imposed on it, but would they compare to the fines already levied against those who break the law? Do the possible benefits far outweigh the risks of having increased numbers of children and women kidnapped and forced into prostitution, increased std’s, unplanned pregnancies, and increased abortions?

  5. kim
    December 2, 2009 at 10:45 pm

    I would have to disagree with legalizing prostitution. This would raise so many issues. I think that it should not be done because it is a woman who has feelings and a life. This is such a dangerous act and no one should want to take part in this job. This act can really cause so much trouble and add more drama to the woman’s life such as children and women kidnapped and forced into prostitution, increased std’s, unplanned pregnancies, and increased abortions? These are acts that everyone should stay away from so i think if we legalize this act more people would be tempted to want to try to get involved in this act. I think that people should stay away from this and keep to a job that does not put woman in awkward situations.

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