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If Women Were More Like Men: Why Females Earn Less

If Women Were More Like Men: Why Females Earn Less

the article lined above talks about how one of the oldest debates in contemporary social science is why women earn less than men. Conservatives tend to argue that because women anticipate taking time off to raise children, they have fewer incentives to work hard in school, and they choose careers where on-the-job training and long hours are less important. Liberals tend to focus on sex discrimination as the explanation. Obviously some mixture of those factors is at work, but academics have long been frustrated when they try to estimate which force is greater: women’s choices or men’s discrimination.A new study looks at this problem in a wonderfully inventive way. In previous studies, academics have looked at variables like years of education and the effects of outside forces such as nondiscrimination policies. But gender was always the constant. What if it didn’t have to be? What if you could construct an experiment in which a random sample of adults unexpectedly changes sexes before work one day? Kristen Schilt, a sociologist at the University of Chicago and Matthew Wiswall, an economist at New York University, couldn’t quite pull off that study. But they have come up with the first systematic analysis of the experiences of transgender people in the labor force. And what they found suggests that raw discrimination remains potent in U.S. companies. Schilt and Wiswall found that women who become men (known as FTMs) do significantly better than men who become women (MTFs). MTFs in the study earned, on average, 32% less after they transitioned from male to female, even after the authors controlled for factors like education levels. FTMs earned an average of 1.5% more. The study was just published in the Berkeley Electronic Press’ peer-reviewed

I think that this ongoing debate is ridiculous. The fact that women will have children and still do the same quality of work as men shows women are more diverse than men and can probably handle more than a man. Because women can multitask, and juggle different aspects of life they are more liable to succeed than a single man. Another debate on women moving up the corporate latter is that they are too emotional. well I look at it like this if a women can raise children, keep up with the house hold, (cook, clean, etc), and manage their “emotions” and perform at the same level if not better than a man than this shows that women are more suited to handle bigger challenges in the work field.

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  1. ansmith2
    November 6, 2009 at 6:40 pm

    Why are women so hard up to match men? why do we want to do what they do? What is the appeal with the working world and climbing the ladder? Why cant women be satisfied at home in the kitchen so to speak. What is worng with that? you dont see men crying over why its so unfair because men are looked at differently if they are stay at homes dads. Why are feminist always fighting for more. Lets evaluate the simple life of beaver.. that family was so happy. what is wrong with it?


  2. juliafuellenbach
    November 8, 2009 at 10:00 am

    I don’t know if women can handle more than men. There are probably jobs that women can handle better than men and vice versa. But I think that’s not the point. Everybody should be paid on the basis of the quality of his or her work, independent of the gender. The argument that women tend to have fewer incentives to work hard as they are going to take a time off anyway to raise children doesn’t hold. Nowadays there are lots of women who don’t want to raise children, who don’t want to stay at home. For these women their career is more important and the incentive to work hard is as big as the incentive for any man. If these women work hard and if they do a good job they should earn the same money as a man on the same position.

  3. mauiwowie1
    December 5, 2009 at 12:09 am

    If women are doing the same work as men, why can’t they get paid the same salary? Women are just as capable to do anything that men can do. Just because they are “expected” to raise a family doesn’t mean that they should be treated differently. Some women don’t even have a family and are doing the same workload as men and are probably doing a better job than most men. All I am saying is that women should get the same salary as men, especially if they had the same education and doing the same job as men so people will stop talking about this.

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