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Employers Using Facebook for Background Checks

It may be legal, but is it right? Is it fair to say that what people do in their personal life ALWAYS affects someone’s work habits? I can find it understandable if there are nude pictures or proof of drug use this would not be a person you would want to hire, but if there are pictures of someone simply at a bar with a drink in his hand (and he is of age) then there should not be a problem.  Also, employers need to consider that others can post “bad” words or even jokes on their friends’ walls. This doesn’t always mean that what is said is true or even the views of that person whose page its on. It seems to me that people today jump to conclusions and are way to judge mental when it comes to personal networking sites. I think it’s safe to say that most human beings today have branched out, been to a bar, made some sort of mistake, etc. and it’s not fair to make assumptions or judge people only by what is online.


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