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Unethical Use of Drugs

Unethical Use of Drugs
Above article is about the question Does use of illegal performance enhancing drugs by some athletes coerce other athletes to also use them to remain competitive? There are several pros and cons are described. Some people say that a person has a right to choose whether to risk harm to one’s own body, and the others say the use of drugs in sports can place athletes in a situation in which they feel coerced into taking drugs in order to compete which is very unethical. On the surface, it would seem that athletes can choose freely, but what about the pressures created by the need for success in competition? According to the article athletes most of the time are forced to use the drugs to remain competitive.
First of all I think it is unethical to use the drugs in order to perform better. Secondly, I disagree with this point of view. No one is forced to become a competitive athlete. The pressures that the non-drug users may well feel are no different than any other pressures that come with committing oneself to playing the game at a relatively high level of competition. If some athletes spend much more time in the weight room than others and thereby build their muscular strength to levels significantly higher than their opponents, those opponents who want to remain competitive may feel compelled to also put in more time with weights.

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  1. ykbriggs
    November 29, 2009 at 7:26 pm

    Like in everyday life, I think that use of drugs for athletes is up to athletes. Every competition involves drug testing, so if someone feels forced to use drugs in order to perform better, he or she should realize that it might have a bigger cost of the risk of being disqualified from the completion. If for someone a “win at all cost” is an appropriate way of conduct, it’s their own choice as soon as it doesn’t hurt anyone.

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