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Unethical to Advertise Medications

Unethical to Advertise Medications
The above article is about whether it is ethical or unethical to advertise drugs. In one survey, half of the respondents believed that drug ads had to be approved by the government before they were aired or printed, and nearly half thought that only “entirely safe” drugs were allowed to be promoted. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the government agency that has jurisdiction over drug promotion, rarely gets a chance to review ad copy before the public sees it. Months can go by before the agency catches up with any misrepresentation, puffery, or inaccuracies. Those months inevitably see burgeoning sales of the drug.
It is unethical to advertise any medications because it convinces people to buy the drugs they may not even needed. Add to that $7 billion spent on advertising to doctors and other professionals, and it’s obvious why drug costs are so high in this country. Spending on drugs is only part of the overall increase in health-care costs that have now risen to the point that the U.S. is the world leader at $5,200 per capita per year. I think that these drug ads are nothing but sales pitches. Also drug companies are unconcerned with benefiting consumers or their health, and the FDA does an inadequate job of making sure the ads are not false or misleading due to the lack of time.

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