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Gay-Marriage Activists Look Ahead After Big Defeat in Maine

Gay-Marriage Activists Look Ahead After Big Defeat in Maine

In the article linked above same sex marriage is in question once again,particularly in Main. Maine’s vote, much like all of the states before it, including California’s vote on Prop 8 12 months ago, will do little to slow the fight over gay marriage. Not in Maine, where Tuesday’s vote is only the equivalent of a veto and can be easily reversed by lawmakers when they next meet, and not in the rest of America, where the issue continues to roil courthouses and statehouses alike. “Ultimately this is going to have to have a national resolution,” says same-sex marriage activist Mary Bonauto, one of the nation’s top lawyers involved in the campaign to legalize gay marriage. “It’s about aligning promises found in the Constitution with America’s laws.” A leader in Maine’s campaign to uphold gay marriage, Bonauto is best known for arguing the same-sex case that led the Massachusetts Supreme Court to strike down prohibitions against gay marriage in a hugely influential 2003 decision that paved the way for that state to become the first to permit gay marriage in 2004.

That decision has been cited in numerous cases that have followed, as the number of states whose courts have demanded equal marriage rights for gays has grown. But those same cases have also helped fuel opponents, who argue gay marriage is being foisted upon America by out-of-touch judges. In order to counter that argument, Bonauto and other gay-marriage activists in Maine who began organizing to press for gay marriage in Maine decided to avoid taking the issue to court. Instead, they set about electing lawmakers friendly to their cause two years ago, and this year successfully convinced the legislature to become the nation’s first to establish gay marriage by statute, rather than decree. “Frankly, we had heard the criticisms about going the court route, and so we said, ‘Fine, we’ll go to the legislature,'” says Bonauto. “And it has been an incredible campaign.”

I think that same sex marriage should be legal. America separated state and religion for a reason, so when gay people want to get married they can without the constraints of religion. Personally I think it is a type of discrimination against their religion and the last time I checked we had freedom of religion right? Gays and lesbians believe that God has no problem with it but Christians believe otherwise just as Christianity is different from Hinduism, or Judaism their beliefs are different. So who are government officials and society in general to judge them because of that difference? As citizens of the United States of America rights are not limited to just straight people. Same sex couples should be able to have the same tax advantages as a typical married couple. Today same sex couples are discriminated against somewhat like African Americans were discriminated against (not to the same extremes though). They are beaten up, and killed because they feel differently than the majority of society. In the business world gays and lesbians have to mask their beliefs to get that job or promotion. Is it wrong to ask someone to mask their religious beliefs for the same reason? what people do behind doors is no one’s business so put aside your religious beliefs, and all discriminatory factors and then think about them as people not outcast of society then tell me what you think should Gay marriage be legal in the U.S?

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  1. okazako1
    November 5, 2009 at 4:57 pm

    I agree with you Heather. It is unfair to judge others based on their prefernces and choices in life. If gay people are different in their views it doesn’t mean they are different as a friend, son/daughter, especially coworker. Whether you gay or not you will perform on the job based on what you can do and what you know, not based on your sexual prefernces. Unfortunately, these people (gay people) fall under discrimination in this society, but with the time I think it will change as society will become less conservative.

  2. ansmith2
    November 10, 2009 at 7:19 pm

    On the issue of Same Sex Marriage: I believe a person should be able to love whom ever the choose. Marriage is just a title that comes with some benefits from the govt. On a stand point of whether it should be legal or not to Marry, I believe a union can be recognized, but to define it as a marriage goes against the principals of what a marriage symbolizes. Family: Man and woman marry to constitute a life of together with initative to have offspring. Same sex couples can not partisipate in this. And for those of you who argue what about those who dont have children or cant, well that is rebutled with natural selection or survival of the fitest. The point of marriage is a symbol of producing s strong heritage between two. Same Sex couples should be allowed to unionize but marriage…they really cant!


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