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Fewer Disney employees whistle while they work

Fewer Disney employees whistle while they work

This article, written by John Couwels, is another example for corporations downsizing their workforce because of the present economic situation. All  in all  Disney fired 1,900 employees in U.S. based positions, among them people who have worked for Disney for several decades.

This again is a very good example for the rivalry between the narrow and the broader view of corporate responsibility. Customers didn’t spend enough money during their visits in Disney World, wherefore the income of Disney was down in 2008. So the company had to cut down expenses and therefore axed jobs. They seem to focus predominantly on profits rather than to think of their employees.
Especially remarkable for me is the fact that Disney fired people who have been long-time workers for the firm. Maybe it doesn’t make a difference if one fires long-time or short-time workers because somebody is jobless after it in any case, but I think that laying off an employee who has been faithful to the firm and who has done a good job for several decades is morally wrong even if they get a generous severance package.

Also notable is the “self-justification” of Vice President Mike Griffin who says that ”Disney is downsizing just like many other U.S. businesses”, which sounds surprisingly similar to the alleged moral justification “Everybody’s doing it”.

Is it really that easy?

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  1. okazako1
    November 5, 2009 at 6:26 pm

    There are some pros and cons with this issue. first of all, I think it is unfair to fire the people that have worked with the company for years. They being loyal and honest, they much more knowledgeable then newcomers, and they desorve to be treated with some respect and reward. On the other hand, the company should think about their business success as a whole, their revenues, expenses, etc. If they are loosing the money due to high payrolls, there is no other choice but to lay off or fire people. It’s business.

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