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Commentary on ‘H1N1 Spreading Changes Behavior’

I agree with this post.  Employers and schools should have never had a problem with ‘calling in sick’ to begin with.  Allowing children and adults  to stay at home when they are sneezing, coughing, half-dead, is more valuable to not only the company, and schools, but everyone they interact with from day to day. When we push our bodies to work and constantly perform and interact,  or push a young child into school because that child has already missed too many days,  puts not only co-workers at risk of getting sick; but themselves at risk of regression. After all it should be common knowledge that when our immune systems are already weak, going in to work or school and forcing  ourselves to perform to the best of our abilities, only makes problems worse. Would you really want your co-worker at work because he or she has already used all of their sick days when they’re coughing and sneezing all over the place?)

Regarding  the H1N1 virus, people are pushing the whole situation a little out of proportion.  Doctors have said that the virus is only another form of the flu.  That the only reason people should stay clear from other people is to prevent them from getting the same virus.  (Basically what we should be doing with every other kind of flu virus we have).  Employers and schools should not ‘freak out’ so to speak if a child or employee gets the virus.  However, employers need to take careful precautions to allow a person adequate time to get the rest they need, so they can be more productive  for the organization in the future; to promote as much value to the company as they possibly can.

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