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H1N1 Spreading Changes In Behavior

H1N1 Spreading Changes In Behavior

This article is about how the H1N1 virus is affecting many long-standing traditions.  First, some schools are eliminating their perfect attendance awards, which will discourage sick kids from going to school to remain in contention to achieve that reward.  Second, many companies are becoming more lenient when dealing with employees who run out of sick days while they are still sick.  Third, some airlines are waiving rebooking fees for ill travelers to discourage people from traveling sick.  Finally, handshakes are being discouraged in favor of fist bumps in order to minimize the spread of the H1N1 virus.

The main ethical concern here is whether people should be kept from going to work or school or flying if they have the H1N1 virus.  The Libertarian argument would indicate that the government and other institutions should not stop people from pursuing their own interests.  However, the Utilitarian argument would argue that people should stay home when they are sick in order to minimize the negative effects of spreading the H1N1 virus to other people.  I agree with the Utilitarian argument, as people who are sick should stay home in order to protect other people.  Also, it would be much more beneficial for people to avoid working or going to school until they feels better, when they will be alert and productive and more valuable to the company.

R. Brow

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