Yesterday, the Coastal Carolina University had several speaker guests who talked about the modern ways to find a job and jumpstarting a new career. I attended couple of those sessions. The lectures were really interesting and educating, but at the same time I got kind of scary and more unconfident of myself after listening those lectures. One of the speakers was talking about this new century career person who is extremely outgoing, smart, and creative, can present a perfect brand of himself or herself, have an opinion on everything, someone who likes to take a risk and be involved everywhere and knows everything. And this person should look for a job through friends on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, etc, because these are super cool ways to look for a job nowadays. So……. I’m definitely not this cool person, but I perceive every job I do very serious and can handle interesting and complicated projects, I spent my time online but don’t “twitter” hours and hours, I check jobs ads and different opportunities but not “stalk” people to be their friends so I can get my way to some managers through them. So what my point is, do you really have to be this “super” person involved in everything to have a career today and being smart, responsible, and hardworking is no longer enough. Did anybody who attended those sessions have the same kind of feelings about it?

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